Pay Per Click

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Services like Pay Per Click banner advertisement, search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, etc. is very essential for the advertisement of a website. PPC management plays a major role in the development and promotion of an online business. We have a team of experts that offers pay per click services to companies and online businesses in different parts of the world. We promise you increased Return on your Investment. Our strategic campaign management helps to minimize wastages and ensures maximum and satisfied returns. Our team of experts tracks and identifies the key phrases which prove effective to your sales. We design unique technical strategies and apply the same with explicit standards and procedures which increases the success rate of your company or online business. Our domain expert’s team keep a track on the Pay per Click bid optimization strategies and its returns on a daily basis. We select competitive keywords which help you to get potential customers to your website. We consider every keyword as a separate campaign and this gives efficient results. Our team of domain experts are enriched with experience and are also dedicated to run Pay per Click campaigns.


PPC Process

    1. Keyword Research and Selection: Keyword research is very important in order to find perfect keyword phrase so that you get relevant traffic to your website and make sure that the campaigns are employing the appropriate keywords.


    1. Tag Development: I will write custom and unique titles and descriptions for PPC Ad to help maximize click and conversion rates.


    1. Landing Page Identification: I identify the best existing page or recommend creating a new landing page based on the keywords.


    1. Tracking Code Installation: We will have to install a tracking code on the client site.


    1. Network Submission: Once keywords research done and approved then we will upload and submit it to Search Engines’ Sponsored and its Network.


    1. PPC Account Settings: I can monitor your account on daily basis and give you a detailed information like how much should be spend, which country to target etc to maximize business goals.


    1. PPC Monthly Report: I perform a month-end analysis of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions, and performance trends.


  1. Campaign Improvements: After a month once monthly PPC Camp gain reports made then I see which keywords are performing well and which not based on that we modify title / description and bid adjustments for improvement.