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According to Pew Research ( 74% of the American use Internet to find out information or purchase goods / services. Now days many Lawyers and Law Firms have their own website but very few of the consider to optimize their website. If someone is looking for a services and not found your website that means you are losing prospective clients and they will move on to other website by just one click. That’s why it’s very important that law firm or lawyer should optimize their website to bring it on top 5 ranking and get inquiries.

Affordable SEO for Law Firm Website Marketing

Check out our low cost seo packages for Law Firm to bring your website on top 5 ranking:

Services Plan I Plan II Plan III Plan IV Plan V
Keywords  5   10   20   30   50
  Keyword Research
  Competitor’s Analysis
  Title Tage Optimization
  Meta Tag Optimization
  Image Optimization
  Anchor Text Optimization
  Internal Link Building
  Sitemap Creation
  URL Optimization  
  Directory Submission   150 300 500 750 1000
  Manual Link Building   25 50 75 100 150
  Social Book Marking   100 200 400 600 1000
  Blog Comments   25 55 75 100 125
  Article Submission   20 40 60 80 125
  Press Release 10 20 30 40 75
  Email Support
  Online Support
  Phone Support
  Total Back Link
250 500 750 1000 1250
  Monthly Price $ 150 $ 199 $ 299 $ 399 $ 499


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While mingle with SEObyExpert your law firm breaks the rules of web traffic. You have got the compliance from administration team of search engines that the page gets collapsed due to the enormous visits of clients to your website. We are familiar due to the excellent customer follow up even after the content published by observing the visitors of that websites. Our SEO’s writing has not only have the goal of keywords but have the mindset to place your website in premier position in Google search page.

Our affordable prices are transparent. Hence you can compare our rates to any competent writing services. SEObyExport ensures the lawyers like you to attain the rapid increase of clients in the world of law firm website marketing. Due to the owner of secret strategy for successful, SEObyExport is always in demand among the prominent SEO services. The well trained writers of our concern selected for the designation after completing scrutinize levels even though they are qualified with specific qualification. The writing, graphics, statics and any exhibits of them are not only pleasing the eyes of visitors but also stealing the hearts which guaranty the success of their clients.

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