Keyword Density

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Keyword density commonly refers to the ratio of keywords or keyword phrase used in the particular web page contrast to entire words available in particular web page. The usage of keyword or keyword phrase many varies according to the search engine needs. In common it’s recommended by all search engines to use 2-8 percentages of keywords density compared to total number of words available in your web page. The keywords are mainly used to attract search engine spider scans.


The lesser time of other words appear in web page, the higher ratio of keywords will automatically raise the density of keyword in the webpage. You can opt for real time keyword or keyword phrase analyze tool to determine the web page keyword density ratio more accurately. The keyword density determines whether particular web page is relevant to the mentioned keyword. The keywords are playing vital role in the search engine to get the relevant message from various website.


The higher uses of keywords commonly referred as keyword stuffing and also cause many problems and many seo expert warn to not to do keyword stuffing. All the search engines use different search algorithms and keyword density is common in all searching algorithm. The correct keyword density commonly attracts all search engines spider to scan your webpage. As the scans improve automatically rewards your webpage with maximum search engine ranking placement.